Benefits of Roof Tiles

Why use Roof Tiles

Roof tiles have been around for centuries proving that they are a long lasting style. Roof tiles have the strength and sustainability to with stand time. Roof tiles contribute to the overall thermal performance and energy savings of a well-designed home. There is a design to suit any home.


Roof tiles are available in more colour and style combinations than any other commonly used roofing product in Australia.

Low maintenance

Once tiles are installed there is little or no maintenance. Tiles are suitable for high-wind areas.

Sound proof

Roof tiles can reduce noise by 30 decibels which is more than twice the noise reduction achieved by other commonly used roofing materials. This means that roof tiles reduce the interruption of external noises into internal living areas.


Roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant which means they are suitable for installation in Australia’s harsh coastal environments.

Roof tiles are fire resistant

Roof tiles are ideal for use in bushfire prone areas as they are non-combustible.


Roof tiles provide excellent heat insulation, saving you money on your heating and cooling.

Concrete roof tiles are an inexpensive choice

Concrete roof tiles are one of the most affordable roofing products on the Australian market.

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