About Wyndham Roofing

Wyndham Roofing is not a typical roofing company and expect our partners to share our values and commitment to quality. Our goal is to deliver a satisfying experience for our customers by understanding what’s important to them, putting them first and using our industry knowledge to make the job an outstanding end result.

Who we are:

Wyndham Roofing stands for quality. We remove the obstacles to choosing and installing roofing so our customers have all the support they need to ensure a superior roof.

We do things differently. Wyndham Roofing attitude is simple. We do more for our customers and therefor they experience a better outcome.

What we do:

Wyndham Roofing is in the business of removing the problems that arise when installing a tile roof. Our customers have the confidence to focus on other aspect of their project, with the assurance that the roofing will be completed on time with a quality that underpins all we do.

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